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Squash Property Vacancies by Understanding Demand

There’s one thing you’ve got to do: Spend less time shopping for great deals and much more time understanding what folks truly need, if you’d like to be great at buy and hold investing.

Let us face it, folks pay for their desire. You get paid in the event you give most people what they need. Even though you get an excellent deal on a home or save lots of cash, it will not matter unless someone needs to pay you for it.

When you have 10-20 applicants each time you post your lease it makes leasing your property pretty easy.  Plus, you don’t have to dump a ton of money into marketing and you won’t have to come out of pocket for the mortgage.  It’s an amazing thing when you have a stack of great applicants wanting to pay you rent.

At the end of the day everything comes down to demand and your #1 job is to drive that demand.

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The best way to Discover short-term Demand

Do your research up front and learn what people want.

Phone every local lease bureau/apartment complex and request how frequently 3 and 1, 2 bedrooms become accessible. That is what folks need.

Call Craigslist advertisements for different sized houses in an area and ask how frequently they’ve vacancies and exactly how many applicants most people normally have. Most landlords are pleased to talk about their experience alongside you. Enable them to brag.

Find the priciest leases and see low-cost leases are compared to by most landlords’ rates. Is there a demand for more affordable leases or high end leases? Purchase what people demand.

The best way to Discover long-term Demand

Take a look at economic trends for your local area and then take a step back and look at the trend for the state in which the property resides.  If you can find the data then look at incomes by zip code.  Once I determine whether the economic trend is positive or negative I then drill down into school districts.  You can’t go wrong with rental property in great school districts.  It makes life easy.

How will that demand be met by your lease?

How will the changes impact property values and lease rates in the years into the future?

What do you really have to do to keep on top?

Start today by going to your local city website.  Most of this information is free you just have to put in a little time.

When is Rental Demand the Greatest?

Understanding rental demand is key because some times of the year are better then others.  You don’t want your tenants to move out during the winter season.  Make sure you time the lease expiration with the peak rental season.  If you don’t know when that is then call a leasing office and ask for help.  In general individuals move in autumn and the spring.

Phone a property manager/apartment complex, and see if they’ll tell you when vacancies are the highest.

Call landlords posting houses for rent and also request how many applicants they generally have and when demand is the greatest.

Examine market and the neighborhood demographics. Is there a time of year people are prone to go? Why?

Learn what folks need, then try to find great deals.  The most significant thing when investing in real estate you could is taking action.  If you need help with your rental properties then feel free to reach.  Always here to help.

Do you study your marketplace demand commonly prior to buying?

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