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Sell It Or Rent It…  What Should I Do With My Property?

Land lording is tough and it definitely has its moments. I’ve been there and know your pain.  Over the last 7 years I’ve had renters break the lease and move out in the middle of the night, hoarders that leave […]

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Squash Property Vacancies by Understanding Demand

There’s one thing you’ve got to do: Spend less time shopping for great deals and much more time understanding what folks truly need, if you’d like to be great at buy and hold investing.
Let us face it, folks pay for […]

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People Who Buy Properties In Kansas City

These days, plenty of companies offer to buy people’s houses for cash and many homeowners choose to take advantage of the services that these firms offer. However, like any sort of financial transaction, this one has its pros and cons.
To […]

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